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Light Towers

Solar Light towers

Site Solar’s all solar light towers were designed and proven in the harshest of oil & gas environments and look like a light tower, not a revamped arrow board or a me-too product. We make towers.

Site Solar’s clients report they are using them successfully in residential areas

Our units eliminates both the 3,600-rpm gasoline engine, small diesel, and even inverter style generators that upset homeowners and neighbors.

Unit takes away the noise and exhaust fumes, and all are happy. Job site contractors have found that when they have electric scissor lifts on a project with no electricity, our generators can charge scissor lifts, tool battery packs and radios overnight.



Generator-only models

In addition to the best-in-class build attributes, Site Solar’s generator-only models provide great storage space for critical and sensitive equipment in our lockable weather protective storage compartments. Single unit standard rating is 3 kW. Site Solar can package a 6 kW, 9 kW, 12 kW, 15 kW, and an 18 kW unit upon request. If 240V 1 phase is needed, we can also make that happen. Receptacles and breaker sizing can also be customized.



Solar surveillance light tower models

In addition to Site Solar watching your budget, we also help you watch your assets. Site Solar’s eyeSITE surveillance towers with light are a great solution for clients needing to protect and monitor their assets on any location.

One of our clients asked us if we could help them keep an eye on their jobsites?

Introducing Site Solar “eyeSITE Surveillance.” Couple this option with Site Solar inSITE Remote Telemetry and Light Tower Control app, and you can really keep eye on your assets!

Integration and Customization

Integrate app remote + 4G compatible + Customizable. inSITE Remote Telemetry and Light Tower Control provides a remote dashboard of all critical operating parameters on PC or cell phone app, provides GPS tracking of each individual unit with geofencing capability, allows remote ON/OFF control of individual lights and automatic timer setup of individual lights. All data collected is monitored 24/7 by Site Solar with client notification in the event a solar unit service is required.

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