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We provide you with an easy start to reserve the right solar light tower solution today.



First-time re-rent or end-user clients are strongly encouraged to participate in training prior to receiving the equipment. This training can be achieved in several formats: In person at our eduSITE training center or via zoom, conference call or even on site.


Better Invoicing

We invoice out on a calendar month. Invoices are easy to read and understand. Please note, we invoice twelve monthlies in a calendar year versus other rental yard’s thirteen 28-day cycles in a calendar year. This practice saves you money!



Site Solar offers significant savings for leasing of multiple units.

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Maintainence solutions

Any units leased through Site Solar means we “take care of everything” as a service to you, our valued partner. We are dedicated to making your business succeed. We monitor usage, battery functioning, and geo-fencing of your units to ensure your Site Solar products are functioning at their optimum level. Although very rare, our operation center will note the slightest discrepancy in performance through our GPS Telematics program and alerts Site Solar. Should your product display any anomaly in functioning, Site Solar will talk you through troubleshooting measures to remedy. And should the circumstances require, Site Solar will send a technician to you.

Tailored use

Site Solar also has developed a proprietary program built in conjunction with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) located in Golden Colorado. This 30-year historical data allows us to calculate the amount of consumed stored energy against how much solar energy we can potentially get per day in any city or site in the United States. This information allows us to draw out a usage plan with timers and solar array panel tilt throughout your lease to ensure the best daily recharge available.

You are well on your way to a positive leasing experience.

We strive on flexibility and serving our client's needs. Our products are:

01. Made in the USA


02. Quiet, zero emissions


03. Fully automated allows “Set & Forget”


04. Premium SunPower solar panels yielding 1.44kW of solar power


05. Fully adjustable solar array (0 to 30deg tilt) to adjust for season and region


06. Push-button 25’ electro-hydraulic mast with 360deg rotation


07. 80,000 Lumens of bright, 5700K LED lighting (4 lamp model)


08. On-board inverter/charger outputs pure since wave AC power (120/240VAC available)


09. Multiple battery configurations & chemistries available for tailoring to your application


10. Remote monitoring provides GPS tracking, geofencing capability, and remote telemetry monitoring

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